After dark: wondering where to find a great party scene while you’re visiting athens? 2. Re: beware of nightclubs athens n music reina bar acropolis. At psirri you will find some of athens’ hottest clubs and bars. The stage of this club has been graced by many greek bands whose music is predominantly rocks. Many art galleries, mainstream bars, restaurants, clubs and greek nightclubs here (featuring live greek pop singers), are trademarked by their industrial design as many of them are housed in remodeled – and once abandoned – factories.

In psiri, located just north of plaka, countless restaurants, cafés, bars and ouzeries” (bars serving mezze and ouzo, plus beer and wine) line the roads between ermou street, athinas street and monastiraki. Allegro, 71 pireos street and agion asomaton, with famous greek popular music that became famous in the old greek movies. There are some clubs and restaurants on misicleous street where you can see rembetika and laika stars during the winter like the misikleous music club on the corner of lysiou.

On this tour, you will get a chance to visit a number of queer nightlife institutions — from popular gay bars to fashionable cabaret lounges. It is a quite interesting fact to mention that some years back, a governmental law tried to impose stricter closing times to (closing at 3 am) to boost the country’s productivity, but the a virtual rebellion put a stop to that and athenians could keep on partying happily all hours.

A night out at four of the best athenian wine bars. According to trip advisor, she’s not bad at it. Lohan opened her first nightclub in athens with business partner dennis papageorgiou (no longer affiliated). This ancient amphitheater is located on the acropolis hill thus making it a unique location for theater music and ballet performances.

Today, the ancient, the modern and the old city (plaka), harmoniously coexist creating an ultimate experience for all visitors of athens. It isn’t always to hook up with athens girls on the first night, but there are so many tourists around looking to have a good time that you might find luck on your side. Being aware of that bad habit of greeks, bouzoukia owners sale at the clubs wardrobe” cigarettes packages.

Alexander sauna : though athens has a number of lgbtq-friendly saunas and spas, it’s alexander sauna, located in the heart of the gazi district, that tops the list among locals and international visitors. The clumsies has been voted three times in a row as one of the world’s best 50 bars for 2015, 2016 and 2017 by drinks international magazine. From musical legends and a stadium pet cemetery, to silly-cheap rent and a record-breaking number of bars, look past the hedges and you’ll find 14 reasons why athens stands atop america’s college towns.

Best party hostels in athens (2019 updated)

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