Any vacation property owner can do good rental business and achieve bookings, but becoming an airbnb superhost really can scale up their income and ratings. Of the 345,000 hosts with sufficient bookings in 2017, only 37% (129,000) had a rating of 4.8 or above. Activate redis from menu redis manager by superhosting in cpanel. So getting 5-star reviews are crucial to becoming a superhost. I know of hosts who might do one-day bookings and lower their price just to get those stays. I host through airbnb and have been a superhost at times but don’t find it makes much difference to me as a host, however if it helps you feel more confident in booking then go for it.

As of august 2018, the time of this recording, these are the current criteria and benefits for being an airbnb superhost. If you’re still having trouble, there are experienced freelancers offering professional airbnb listing services that you can consider. While these new demands didn’t impact our reviews, the change in attitude affected our day-to-day enjoyment of hosting.

You don’t need to apply or pay a fee, like airbnb plus program to become a superhost. That’s excellent and rarely offered on any hosting service. On your airbnb dashboard home tab, there is a hosting progress section, which tells you your earnings, views, bookings, total reviews, and overall ratings. From a traveller’s perspective, superhosts are restricted from cancelling bookings, so the reassurance of no cancellation can be persuasive enough alone to book with a superhosting coupon code.

Oh, so that’s what the little badge icon by the photos of some hosts indicates: these are experienced hosts whose rentals garner consistently rave reviews, and who offer “Extraordinary experiences for their guests,” according to the airbnb site. An airbnb superhost” in china has been arrested after a guest staying in his house found a hidden camera recording her in the bedroom.

We respond to guest messages, check your guests in no matter what time they arrive and are always on standby in case of emergency. These benefits aren’t mentioned on the superhost program page, but I got them in the last email, which began: hey, you’re a superhost again. Besides that, there are other perks that airbnb provides its superhosts…things like travel coupons, priority with customer support, and invitations to exclusive airbnb sponsored events in your city.

The impact of achieving the superhost status appears to be minimal, with only 5% improvement in listing traffic for superhost properties. The assumption that the superhost status by itself guarantees better search placement appears to be false. You have another option for e-commerce with superhosting. Superhosts must reply to at least 90% of messages received within 24 hours.

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